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Information & Cyber Security Assurance

Lucid Assurance provides Information, Cyber and Business Security and Assurance services. It's all about our own convictions about a product, solution or service; our analysis of what your business needs now; and, may need later! It's about providing you the assurance you deserve, the value you expect, partnership you can depend on; now and ever.

Our Services

Assured Cloud Adoption

We help you evaluate cloud for your organization. Once decided, we help you securely transfer and operate your assets from the cloud.

Information Security Solutions

Information is everywhere! Let us help you find, organize, analyze, categorize, classify, secure, monitor, and maintain throughout its life-cycle.

Audits & Evaluations

When it comes to security & compliance audits; we are not the 'people in suits with a checklist'. We are the people with hands-on experiences on what we are auditing.

IT & Security Infrastructure Transformation

Over the years, your infrastructure has grown; so is your pain in operating and maintaining it. We help you evaluate your options, streamline your operations, consolidate and secure; by adopting the best tools, technologies and processes that are built for now and next decade. Sticking to the past will make you history!

Training & Awareness

No one read emails! Most of those who read; don't understand it. Presentation is Futile; Talking is cheap. Involving them and getting them to care as much as you do, takes lots of experience, expertise and personal attention. Your security is worth nothing if people don't understand it from their perspective.

Private Cloud Storage

Mix storage units, disks, capacities, technologies and build easily deployed, immediately scalable, completely reliable, highly secure and easier to manage cloud scale storage. Consolidate your storage with native Amazon s3, SMB and NFS support and Drive app for end users. Build Content Delivery Network, High Performance Computing, Media and Entertainment Solutions.


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